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Vigurine Children Syrup 120ml

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  • Children Syrup
  • For better health Proper growth
  • 120 ml. PET bottle

Vigurine Syrup

For Better Health and growth of babies.


For more than half a century Vigurine is given to babies by their mothers for better growth and excellent health. An active ingredient of this herbal medicine is calcium from natural source which strengthens bones of the children and help them in growth and proper teething. Vigurine also protects children from diarrhea, indigestion, vomiting, common cough and colds. Vigurine is not only an effective tonic but also an effective medicine. It should be given to babies constantly from birth to at least five years of age.

Each 5 ml of Syrup Contains:

Adhatoda Vasica

3.84 mg

Onosma Bracteatum

1.92 mg

Nelimblum Nuciferum

0.96 mg

Glycyrrhiza Glabra

2.88 mg

Tinospora Cordifolia

5.77 mg

Sisymbrium Irio

3.84 mg

Terminalia Chebula

1.92 mg

Amomum Subulatum

0.96 mg

Cuminum Cyminum

1.92 mg

Trachyspermum AmmI

1.92 mg

Anethum Graveolens

1.92 mg

Mentha Piperita

3.84 mg

Foeniculum Vulgare

3.84 mg

Preservatives, Coloring & Flavoring agent




Adhatoda Vasica:  It is used to treat cough. It also kills germs and purifies blood.

Onosma Bracteatum: It relieves irritation of the mucous membrane and reduces inflammation.

Nelimblum NuciferumIt reduces the discharge of mucous secretion and reduces inflammation or irritation.

Glycyrrhiza GlabraIt helps in treating coughs.

Tinospora Cordifolia: It prevents and treats fevers. It assists in digestion and act as appetite stimulant.

Sisymbrium IrioIt reduces fever. It also prevents vomiting.

Terminalia ChebulaIt assists in digestion by relieving flatulence.

Amomum SubulatumRelieves flatulence and improves digestion.

Cuminum CyminumIt treats diarrhea and relieves colic pains.

Trachyspermum AmmI: It is helpful in stomach disorders and colic pains. It relieves flatulence. It also possesses antimicrobial activity.

Anethum GraveolensIt relieves flatulence, helps in digestion and stimulates appetite.

Mentha Piperita: It stimulates hunger and assists in digestion.

Foeniculum VulgareIt relieves constipation and flatulence and improves digestion. It also acts as appetizer.

How to use it: 

From birth to one year: half to one teaspoonful, three times a day.
From one to five years: one to two teaspoonful, three times a day



120 ml. PET Bottle, 60 ml. PET Bottle.

Specifications of Vigurine Children Syrup

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    BMA Pharma
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    3 years from the date of Manufacturing.
What’s in the box
1 x 120 ML. PET Bottle