Dr. Naveed Ahmad Chaudhary,Hicksville, New York, USA is a founder of medipanda.pk and CEO of GWPSL who is with an ambition to help those who are helpless for a certain time within disease tenure. CEO, Project Associates  and entire Team is professionally empowered to achieve the objectives of company’s growth as well as to give a smile to patients and off-course a greater relief to the public living in pakistan.

Medipanda.pk is more than just a pharmacy plus Services. We are a Company dedicated to improving the lives of our public. Our staff works to provide the highest quality of Services to our valued Customers by helping them  to manage their medications through our unique, personalized medication management delivery program.


Medication Review
Medipanda.pk our pharmacists review all medications that have been prescribed by each of your physicians to identify any potential interactions and to ensure you are receiving accurate, consistent doses of your medications and motivate our app user to always order through doctors prescription pictures..

Preparing your Medi-pack™
Our staff will handle the prescription process for you from start to finish, including preparing your Medi-pack™ each online order. Medications in the Medi-pack™ are packaged according to the time of day your doctor has recommended you take them. Each packet is scanned with our robotic technology to ensure accuracy for each packet. Our clinical pharmacist completes a final check on each order.

Managing and Delivering your Monthly Refills
Our professional staff works 24 hours but we supply orders from 9.30 am to 11.30 pm on daily basis without OFF even Sundays , Announce and not announced Holidays.

When your medication is ready, Medipanda.pkdelivers your custom Medi-pack™ to your door each month. We can also include over-the-counter items, PRN medications and items such as strips, creams, ointments, eye drops, inhalers and diabetic supplies when needed.

We supply all range of authentic medicine, Herbals, food supplements and verity baby products along with surgical devices, thermometer, B.P apparatus, Glucometers, strips, insulin etc.Wheel chairs and other patient helping instruments.

WHY Medipanda.PK(Benefits)
Medication Home Delivery, Pre-Packaged Medication, Medication Safety, and more.

Medication Made Easy. Medipanda.pkprovides a 30 day’s supply of medications in presorted packages, clearly marked with the date and time to be taken. Our Medi-pack™ packaging improves medication accuracy, reduces ER visits due to medication-related errors, as well as increasing overall quality of life. Medi-pack™ is cost-efficient and provides peace of mind for families and patients alike. Medi-pack’s™ presorted packages allow medication to be easily taken at home, when on vacation, respite care or gone for an extended period of time. Medi-pack™ is available for all ages and is a safe and time-saving way to administer medications. Our staff manages your medications for you. We will call you each month to verify any changes you may have in your prescriptions, then we will provide refills when needed.

DELIVERYAT HOME/OFFICE OR WHERE YOU ARE Hassel Free getting to the pharmacy?
Medipanda.pkwill delivermedi-pack to our patients home and office just changing address in your login ID as the delivery boy will follow your changed destination all the time. We deliver your Medi-pack™ medication box along with any additional products or PRN items that may not go into the Medi-pack™. This may include creams, eye drops, inhalers,injectableand insulin supplies.

Medipanda.pkprovides an easier and safer way of managing medications. Your medications will be packaged in our Medi-pack™ medication box and delivered to you each month along with other necessary medications. The Medi-pack™ box contains medication packets that will have the name of the medication along with the date and time of day for you to take your medication. Our clinical Pharmacists combined with cutting-edge technology promote accuracy and compliance, while reducing errors and improving quality of care.

Medical History Record  is also available all the time for patients.

Our Delivery Team covers All Posh Areas of Lahore City and by Courier inPunjab, Pakistan.

1-We are also Launching Health Insurance plans for public and facilitate patients with our co-insurers’ whereas insurance companies are also welcome with multilateral benefits Proposals.

2-Public Donation Plan to help deserving patients.